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Sanhita Chatterjee is a highly talented vocalist and Indian semi-classical singer hailing from Kolkata. Growing up in a family of musicians, Sanhita's passion for music was nurtured from a young age. It was her father, Shri Sachinath Chatterjee, who recognized her immense talent and emotional connection to music, making him a pivotal figure in her musical journey. Thus, Sanhita credits her father for laying the foundation of her musical career.

At the tender age of three and a half, Sanhita began her musical training under the guidance of the renowned classical singer Aditi Bhattacharya. However, she considers her father to be her "first Guru," emphasizing the profound influence he had on her musical development. Throughout her artistic journey, Sanhita has also received training from esteemed singers such as Indrani Sen, Prosenjit Chakraborty, and Subhra Guha. Even today, she continues to refine her skills in ghazal by seeking taleem from the legendary Baloo Dutta.

Sanhita started performing live on stage when she was only five years old. By the age of eight, she had gained significant recognition as a prominent artist on All India Radio (AIR). Her exceptional talent as a child prodigy led to numerous appearances on AIR and DD Bangla until she reached the age of 15.

Sanhita has always been captivated by the enchanting world of semi-classical music and has discovered her passion in various formats such as Bengali songs, ghazal, Bhajan, Dadra, Chaiti, Kajri, Thumri, and Jhula. Holding a Master's degree in music, Sanhita's remarkable abilities have earned her the prestigious title of "Best Performer of the Season" on the popular singing reality show, "Gaan Sudhu Gaan on DD Bangla." She has also showcased her talent in various competitions, such as "Sa Theke Sa," and many more where her unwavering passion for music and her mellifluous voice drew the listeners to her.

Today, Sanhita stands as one of the most promising singers in Bengal, celebrated for her extensive repertoire of songs and her ability to mesmerize listeners with her sublime performances. Her dedication, musical prowess, and heartfelt connection to the art form continue to propel her towards greater heights of success and recognition.